Some people dismiss the idea of a custom-built home offering different reasons. One, is that it’s too expensive. Another is that it is too much of a bother. Why should I think about all the details? Why not just buy a home with the specifications I prefer. Well, that seems to be a valid reason. However, just like your custom suit cannot fit anyone else, so is a house. If it is not made to serve your specific needs, you’ll find it inconvenient somehow. So, instead of dismissing the whole idea, let’s look at how you can make the cost worthwhile.

Just For You

Custom homes can be built in such a way that it meets your current and future needs. For example, do you foresee yourself living with your ageing parents? Then, their needs can be incorporated into the home.

We all have different circumstances, so why buy a home that was built for someone else’s needs?

A couple with no children have very different needs than a family with three kids and an elderly mother-in-law. A two-story home might be preferable for some families, while others would be happier (or safer) in a single-story home.

Do you want a large garage to store sporting gear? Would you prefer a spacious game room or home gym instead of two small bedrooms? Do you need wider hallways and doorways to accommodate a walker or wheelchair?

When you choose to build a new home, you can adapt it to whatever best suits your family. Read more at Tomorrow’s Homes

With a custom home, you won’t need to “upgrade” or have a budget for necessary adjustments. It’ll be a worthwhile investment.

Your Preferences

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Not only does a custom home meet your present and future needs, it can also cater for your preferences. Yes, those things that aren’t necessarily essential but you know you’d just love. With a custom home, you don’t have to leave them out. Here is an example for those who love entertaining guests:

Open layouts have gotten a lot of positive attention in recent years. These layouts are especially helpful if you enjoy entertaining.

Open layouts make your home feel spacious during parties.
Lighting open spaces is often easier, without walls in place to create shadows.
Guests find mingling more enjoyable when walking around in an open layout home.
When the music is turned up, an open layout also enables all guests to enjoy the same songs and great atmosphere.

Not sure you’re ready for an entirely open concept? Some people like knowing they can create a sense of privacy when the party ends. Opt for sliding doors that can be opened for parties, then closed again to create a sense of cozy seclusion during everyday life. In the kitchen, install a bar with sliding countertop doors. When the fun begins, open the doors and serve the guests over the counter. Read more at GTG Custom Home Builders

Even if you prefer a private life, there are numerous options for creating cosy spaces within the home. There’s so much going for you if you choose to build a custom home.

Your Convenience

Oz custom home builders Fort Mill, SC

Better than your needs and preferences is your convenience. How can you make all these happen in a convenient way? Or how can you make your house or living experience one you always look forward to? Incorporate the latest tech.

Having a sound system integrated in every room in your home is great – especially if you enjoy listening to music, audiobooks, or podcasts throughout your day. For example, SONOS is a great option for something like this. You can install an iPad in the wall as the main control center, but as long as any smartphone is connected to the home’s wifi and has the SONOS app, it can play music in any room, at any volume, at any time. It’s perfect for at-home workouts, cleaning days, and getting ready every morning. Read more at Split Rock

See how that works? Yes, there’s so much potential when you choose a custom home. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in it. It’ll be worthwhile both now and in the future.

Need a custom builder who pays attention to every detail? One who will listen to your needs, preferences and conveniences? Are you hoping to find a builder who will bring out the best in your home? Or one who’ll surpass your dreams? At Oz Custom Home Builders, you have all this and more. Get in touch today!