custom build or your lot in Charlotte or Fort Mill

Oz Custom Home Builders will build on your land. Some builders push prospective clients to buy lots in their neighborhood projects, but we never do. We believe you should live wherever you want. We will work with you through every phase of construction to ensure that the perfect version of your home is the result. In the end, your dream home will be completed on-time, on-budget and exactly where you want it.

An Oz custom-built home is a sherman tank designed to look and feel like a sleek and sporty luxury car. You never have to worry about the quality of our construction or materials because we only use the best to build the best. Our homes are created to not just meet your lofty hopes, but to soar past them. The benefits of our exacting standards will be evident and enjoyed in your new custom home for generations to come.

Conventional wisdom says the devil is in the details. We believe true beauty is. The abundance of luxury appointments and exquisite detailing in an Oz custom home built on your land sets it apart from any other new construction. Our homes offer an unmatched charm and grace that has earned us an impeccable reputation with clients and within the homebuilding industry. We are extremely proud and protective of the esteem we have attained.

In our increasingly trend-driven culture, we still believe that some things never fall out of favor. They are timeless and their appeal perpetuates from generation to generation. An example of this is the classic elegance of an Oz custom-built home. The sweeping appeal of our homes is steadfast because refinement never goes out of style.

To learn more about Oz Custom Home Builders, the process of building a custom home on your own land, or to ask any questions, call us at (803) 242-0050. You may also contact us through the form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you.