There’s something about light, whether it is natural or not, that brings life into any room. The lighting in your home becomes extra special when you put thought into its design, position, and even intensity. Area lamps are ideal for creating a unique ambiance in the spaces of your custom-built home. The best part is that no two rooms have to look the same. In fact, the lighting you choose can transform any room into a space that matches the mood you want to create there.

Having said that, remember that there’s always a starting point in any journey. The first step involves design. The following post describes how you can design the lighting of your home:

How to Design the Lighting for Your Home

Lighting can add a kind of magic to a room. Whether the effect is soft and subtle or all-out glimmering, illumination is as integral as the décor itself.

“Getting the lighting right is essential for any space in the home,” said Brad Ford of Brad Ford ID in New York. “It can help set the mood or define the functionality of a room.”

“The secret lies in having multiple sources of lighting, which also includes fixture placement overhead and at eye-level,” said Corey Damen Jenkins of Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates in Birmingham, Michigan. Read more at Mansion Global…

The design you choose will guide the kind of lights you should purchase to make the lighting project complete.

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There are several things to consider when choosing the lights you’ll eventually install in your home. The following post explains some of them:

A guide to choosing the right lights for your home

Lighting options are available in a variety of budgets, from traditional to contemporary styles. Fixtures crafted in metals, glass, crystals, bamboo, and fiber, come in different sizes and shapes. Floor lamps, wall scones, ceiling lamps, spot and pendant lights, chandeliers and light strips, can also be used in a home’s décor.

“Nowadays, people are very choosy when it comes to selecting lighting elements for their home’s interiors, as well as exterior areas, such as gardens, verandas, pathways, staircase, balconies or even the main door. Customers today, have amazing choices, vis-à-vis colours, tones, brightness levels and energy- saving options,” shares Sudhir Pawar, a Pune-based interior designer. Read more at Housing…

The beauty of a custom built home is that you get to choose for yourself exactly what you want and where you want it.

oz custom home builders luxury house construction fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

Finally, you may want to invest in some floor lamps in your home. The following post describes some of them and their advantages:

Top 10 Best Floor Lamps of 2018 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

A good floor lamp can offer strong natural ambience to light up an entire living room, bright focused light for your task in the home office, or a soft amber glow to alter the mood in your bedroom.

Floor lamps are so versatile: they can fit easily in any corner of the room, modestly behind a sofa or proudly in the middle of a foyer.

While it is much easier to install than a wired in lighting system, a good floor lamp can make amazing changes to a room. Its design, as well as the quality of light it illuminates, can make a total upgrade to your space and create a whole new atmosphere in your home. Read more at Hooked to Books…

Investing in the right kind of lamps will bring out the best in your custom built home, but working with an expert in interior design will make the journey to your dream home all the more exciting.

oz custom home builders luxury house construction fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

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