textured walls custom home

Your decision to go for a custom-built home was most likely influenced by your desire to have a unique place that will truly feel like home. As such, your home ought to boast of a touch of class in every single detail, from the inside out. Today, we consider what you can do with your walls. We have explored wallpaper in the past, but there is also another option — textured walls.

Textured walls, as the name suggests, have a unique design, a result of the surface texture. They could be smooth or rough, or a mixture of both. There are various designs to choose from. Here are some ideas you could consider:

Design Ideas For Textured Walls

Make a statement in any room by adding real or perceived texture to one or more walls.

Distinctive Molding

Two different molding treatments-vertical strips on the upper half and squares below- add interest and texture to the walls of this living room. Dark blue paint offers striking contrast to all the white.

Grass-Cloth Covering

Covering an accent wall with grass cloth introduces texture and a neutral color to this living room. The seams between strips of grass cloth create a panel effect, adding another layer of subtle texture. Read more at Better Homes and Gardens…

You can have a single design or combine more than one for the ultimate design on the walls of your custom built home.

textured walls custom home

One type of textured wall designs that has gained popularity over time is knockdown texture. Learn more about it in the following post:

Knockdown Texture (What is it?)

Knockdown texture also known as splatter texture is a very popular texture in many areas of the United States and around the world. Here in my area all of the general contractors that are building homes in new construction are pretty much using knockdown texture exclusively in the large new neighborhoods that are being built and have been doing so since the early 1990’s. That makes for a lot of homes that have knockdown texture on ceilings, walls or both.

Knockdown texture is applied by spraying thinned down premixed joint compound or a special ceiling and wall texture product that comes in a powder form and has to be mixed with water to get the proper consistency depending what size and thickness knockdown texture you’re trying to match or achieve. Read more at Texture Master…

Apart from your walls, you could also have knockdown texture on your ceilings. Additionally, you could have it on both, depending on what you prefer. Your home builder should give you advice on the best option for you.

textured walls custom home

Another textured wall design you could consider for your home is the slap brush texture. Read about it in the following post:

How To Create A Slap Brush Texture (Drywall Surfaces)

What is Slap Brush Texture?

Slap brush texture is a drywall texture smoothed with a trowel like a knockdown texture that initiates when the brush is slapped to the wall with joint compound. Other might call it: splatter, as the joint compound is thrown at the wall. The slap brush drywall texture can change the look of a room, by creating a thicker and attractive drywall texture. The stiffness of the bristles is the important factor that will define the depth of the ridges in the joint compound. Read more at The Balance…

All these options are available for you, and you can be sure these are not all there is to textured walls. As you plan for your custom built home, be sure to work with the experts in the field, whose experience will enrich your entire home-building experience.

textured walls custom home

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