Most people assume that a custom-built house must be huge and spacious. However, you may be the kind of person who would prefer a smaller retirement home. There’s good news for you. You can get the best of both worlds; having a small cozy custom-built home, but with enough space for all your possessions. Yes, you can have a spacious small home. Sounds like a paradox, right? This post will show you how it can happen.

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Let’s start with the room that gives life to the rest of the home — the kitchen. The following post explains how you can make the best use of space in a small kitchen:

How To Maximize Space In A Small Kitchen

From fine knife sets to high-tech appliances, your kitchen supplies can be some of the most essential and expensive goods you’ll be bringing into your new home. However, you may find yourself with a more economically sized kitchen space than what you were previously used to. While it may be worth your time to pare down some of your kitchen implements before moving, you may be able to find a place for everything with these tips for maximizing the efficiency of your kitchen.

Prioritize food

The guiding principle behind all of these steps is common-sense organization. One of the easiest ways to save on cabinet space is to divide your pantry items between everyday and special use items. Read more at Smart Move…

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It’s amazing just how much you can accomplish with a little bit of organization. Putting a little thought into the challenges you encounter can result in some nifty solutions.

The second shared room that you need to organize is the bathroom. You don’t want to always feel worked up whenever you enter this room. Here’s how to organize it:

13 Hacks to Make the Most of Your Tiny Bathroom

Bathrooms are small spaces with a lot of function. And you can get the most function when you’re creative with what you’ve got. We found the best bathroom hacks that will give you more storage to keep your makeup, toiletries, and linen organized.

  1. Towel Rack

Use a decorative wine rack on the wall or in a cubby insert to hold rolled towels while freeing up space in your cabinets or linen closet. It’s also not a bad idea to keep one slot at the bottom open for its intended purpose. Wine within reach is a bubble bath necessity. Read more at Better Homes and Gardens…

Even if your bathroom is not exactly “tiny,” you will be happier if you have easy access to what you need and can still keep the room neat.

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Finally, the private spaces in your home need to give you and your loved ones a relaxed feeling every time you walk into them. Plus, if you absolutely need extra space, the following post will give you tips on how to find it:

53 Insanely Clever Bedroom Storage Hacks And Solutions

Bedroom storage hacks and solutions are a dime a dozen. A quick Google search will reveal a sea of storage ideas. So how do you know which storage solutions to DIY or buy?

You don’t. But that’s ok because we’re here to help.

We sifted through tons of bedroom storage tips and products to bring you this huge list of 53 insanely clever bedroom storage hacks and solutions that you’ll actually want to DIY or buy — without having to break a sweat or the bank. Read more at Make Space…

Oz custom home builders Fort Mill, SC

With all the ideas listed in the above post, you can be sure that you will have the custom house of your dreams. Plus, even when you move in, it will be as efficient as possible.

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