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With the ongoing depletion of natural resources and the worrying rise of carbon emissions, the need for alternative energy sources has never been greater. At the same time, the challenge is that both industrial and residential structures require more and more energy. For example, one of the top trends in home construction today is smart homes that need to be powered constantly to be fully functional.

One way to meet your energy requirements and eliminate this concern is to power your home with solar. There are many ways to do this. The newest and most innovative way is highlighted in the post below. It examines the most exciting advance in residential solar energy generation in decades:

These are Tesla’s stunning new solar roof tiles for homes

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk wasn’t kidding when he said that the new Tesla solar roof product was better looking than an ordinary roof: the roofing replacement with solar energy gathering powers does indeed look great. It’s a far cry from the obvious and somewhat weird aftermarket panels you see applied to roofs after the fact today.

The solar roofing comes in four distinct styles that Tesla presented at the event, including “Textured Glass Tile,” “Slate Glass Tile,” “Tuscan Glass Tile, and “Smooth Glass Tile.” Each of these achieves a different aesthetic look, but all resembled fairly closely a current roofing material style. Each is also transparent to solar, but appears opaque when viewed from an angle. Read more at Tech Crunch…

oz custom home builders fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

Tesla’s new solar tiles completely replace traditional roofing materials on your home

Two of the major considerations for choosing any home product is price and ROI. As such, you’re probably wondering about the costs of Tesla’s new solar tiles. Here is a closer look at that (spoiler alert: You’re going to like what you find):

Tesla’s solar roof to cost less than a regular roof — even before energy production, says Elon Musk

Elon Musk made quite the announcement today. During the special shareholders meeting to approve the merger with SolarCity, which they approved by 85%, he said that he was coming back from a meeting with the SolarCity engineering team about the solar roof and that he now feels confident that they could deliver the product at a lower cost than a regular roof – even before energy production.

That’s different from what the company was claiming before the meeting today.

And it’s an incredibly bold claim since if it turns out to be true, no homeowner would have any reason not to choose a solar roof when buying a new roof. Read more at Electrek…

oz custom home builders fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

At this point, you may be feeling that going solar is the best option for your custom home. If you need a little more convincing, take a look at the following article. For the sake of balance, it also looks at some of the drawbacks of solar energy.

What are the advantages of solar energy? The top 5 benefits of solar power

It can either drastically reduce or totally eliminate your electric bills.

This top benefit of solar panels is pretty straightforward – when you install solar power for your home, you generate your own electricity, become less reliant on your electric utility and reduce your monthly electric bill. A solar panel system typically has a 25-30 year lifespan, which means that you can cut your electricity costs for decades to come by going solar. Use this instant estimate tool to get a customized estimate of your long-term electricity bill savings and review personalized projections for up-front cost and 20-year solar savings. Read more at Energy Sage…

oz custom home builders fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

Whether you’re interested in adding solar capabilities to your new custom home or incorporating other advanced technologies, you need to work with the right builder to ensure the best result. Oz Custom Home Builders can give you the aesthetics, amenities and innovation you want.

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