Picking a color scheme may be one of the hardest decisions you will encounter when building a custom home. There are just so many colors and shades to choose from. It can cause a lot of confusion. Not to worry, however, we have a few pointers to help you assemble your color palette.

Let’s begin with this informative post:

Get Informed on Color Psychology

Dark colors make walls seem closer, and light colors will make it look further away, and your accent wall placement and color can take advantage of these optical illusions to make a space feel either bigger or smaller.

When you’re choosing your accent color, consider painting the furthest wall from the door a lighter color to make a room seem longer. Or, paint a wall in a corner a darker color to give the room a cozy, architectural effect. Read full post at Color Monarch…

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Understanding how dark and light colors interact with one another is important because it affects not just the aesthetic of your home, but also the mood of the people in it. This is why it is important to know how to mix colors and where to place light colors versus dark colors.

Let’s Talk About White Walls

Selecting white walls for all or most of the walls in your home is a good way to not have to worry about which accent color to go with. This is because white goes with literally every other color in the world. This way, you can select different accent colors for different rooms.

White walls go with any color. When choosing an accent for white, you truly can’t go wrong with just about any favorite hue. However, to keep your color pop from popping too hard, the best bet is to mix a variety of colors, lest one dominate and take over the palette. Looking to a fun fabric or painting as inspiration, take slightly toned-down versions of its hues to apply to fabrics and accents throughout the space. Read full post at Houzz…

Go Bright or Go Home

Because they take up less wall space than the room’s dominant color, accent walls can be a bold color without dominating a space. If you have a strong color that you love but you’re scared to paint a whole room, accent walls are a perfect middle ground. Read more at Color Monarch…

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White is great, but so is a bright wall color. If you are afraid of painting all your walls a bright pink, for example, choose one appropriate wall for the job. That way, it won’t be overwhelming, but you still get that lovely touch of pink.

Pick One Color

If you have a favorite color, then pick that one. If you don’t have any favorites, pick any color you do not mind and use that as your accent color to build the rest of the elements of your design.

Choose a Color Scheme From the Largest Pattern in the Space

If you’ve got patterned upholstery, a colorful rug or large piece of artwork, pluck colors you like from the pattern. For a neutral wall paint color, look to the pattern’s whites and beiges. Read more at HGTV…

Whatever color you choose will look great, as long as you love it and it is balanced out in your home. The good thing is that you can always paint over a color in the future if you grow out of love with it.

oz custom home builders luxury house construction fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

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