An important aspect of any home, whether custom-built or not, is its lighting. The quality of lighting in your house will determine the quality of the resulting ambiance. This includes the color of the lights, their size and distribution in the home, and the type of lights. This post will look into recessed lighting as a viable option for your custom-built home.

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Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? What is recessed lighting?  If you’ve heard of it but are not quite clear about its purpose, the following post should give you some clarity:

Recessed light fixtures (often known as canister lights, can lights, or downlights) use a design in which the fixture is contained within a metal housing that fits entirely above the plane of the ceiling. Except for a thin trim around the bottom rim and sometimes a small portion of the inner reflector, no part of the light fixture extends below the ceiling line. Read more at The Spruce…

The most important simple description of recessed lights is that they fit within the ceiling so that there is no part of the lighting fixture that is visible.

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There are several types of recessed lighting and they can be categorized according to their trim, as the following post explains:

Recessed Lighting Trim Types

The trim fits inside the housing and extends to form the outer ring you see when looking up at the ceiling. Below are the most common types of recessed lighting trims.

Baffle Trim

  • Ribbed interior minimizes glare.
  • Bulb fits up inside the fixture and isn’t flush with the ceiling.
  • It’s the most common recessed lighting trim.

Reflector Trim

  • Bulb is inset like baffle trim style.
  • Mirrored surfaces make the most of illumination.
  • Tinting is available on some fixtures. Read more at Lowe’s…

Maximize on the fact that you’re building a custom home. Choose the recessed lights that make you happy.

Another advantage of going for recessed lighting is that you can have them installed in different ways. That means you have different arrangements for the lighting in different rooms, as the following post describes:

6 Applications of Recessed Downlights

Modern spaces always demand their personality to be recognized and appreciated. This is more so in the case of home and office where you spend a considerable period of time of your life. Here, you have things that are personal and touch the core of your life. A family picture, a piece of art, your small bookshelf — they all need your attention. In order to give these objects the importance that they have in our individual lives, you need to do something. Recessed lighting is precisely the answer to this situation. How can you make your insipid wall full of spirit and personality? Read more at Recessed Lights Pro…

You can use recessed lights for various purposes. Don’t restrict yourself to using them just for lighting. With the proper advice, you can accentuate and highlight parts of your home to make them more appealing. That way, anyone who comes into your home will have an experience they’ll remember!

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