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As the name plainly states, a custom-built home is made just for you and your wishes. For this reason, every time you step into your custom house or walk through any room in it you should feel that you have the home of your dreams.

To achieve this, give yourself the freedom to put in as many of your personal wish list items as you want. In this post we’re going to specifically talk to those who appreciate natural light and would like it to have a significant presence in their homes.

There are so many ways to bring light into your house. You will be glad to take advantage of your various options. One way to let more natural light into your home is to install transom windows, as explained in the following post:

oz custom home builders fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

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Custom Transom Window in the Living Room

An interior transom window can add a charming touch to any space. It can also make an area lighter, brighter and more open and airy. If you have high ceilings, a transom window can be placed toward the top to really expand the room. If your ceilings are standard height, a transom window would look just as great near the top or lower. Our in-house architect has designed homes in Sequim and beyond, and would be happy to help you with placement. Read more at Estes Builder…

The post above suggests one way to bathe your living room in light. Another outstanding option to bring more sunlight into your custom home is skylights. The post below describes the benefits of installing skylights in your house:

20 Skylights for a Bright Living Room

Nothing beats the feeling of being touched with the sun’s light and warmth. This will make us feel relaxed and although it is warm, it is still refreshing. That is why homes would opt to have big windows around to allow natural light to enter the space. But there are also some who add skylights to even let more sunlight in the house. This way, one can also save electricity since the area is lighted with the sun’s light during the day. If the moon is shining during the night, one can also see that through the skylight. Today, we are going to feature living rooms that doesn’t just have lovely designs but also skylights. Read more at Home Design Lover…

oz custom home builders fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

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We’ve talked about transom windows and installing skylights to make your living room lovely and radiant. There are also things you can do with the decor to accentuate the natural light that comes in. For instance, mirrors are an excellent way to make your room more alive with natural lighting. Continue reading for some decorating tips:

Before & After: A Living Room Gets Lighter, Brighter (& Now Looks) Bigger!

Anna and her fiancé were like many couples who are just starting out: their first home was full of mismatched hand-me-downs. Even though there’s a big front window, the room never felt like it got a lot of natural light. And it was just small and cramped. Their goal: Make their living room lighter, brighter and look bigger! Here’s how they did it. Read more at Apartment Therapy…

With a custom-built home, you can plan in advance to have natural-light enhancing features included in your house. When Oz Custom Home Builders is constructing your beautiful luxury home you can be sure that the finished product will exceed your dreams in every way.

Oz Custom Home Builders has been constructing dream homes for nearly two decades. We are ready to start the process of creating your perfect residence. To learn more about our home construction services, call us today at 803-242-0050 or use the “Email Us” link on this page. We look forward to hearing from you.