The chance to build a custom home is one you should make the most of, down to the final detail. It also gives you the leeway to have all you’ve missed in the homes you’ve lived in. While this sounds like a golden opportunity, you may also be stuck. So, how do you choose among all the options available? Moreover, with the fast pace of technological innovation, you may be unable to keep up. This post will furnish you with some ideas that are worth considering.

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In order to get all the space you need in your custom home, the design is everything. How do you go about this? What should you put into consideration?

Rather than adapting to the layout of an existing home – this is an exciting opportunity to design a home to match your needs. You can create a space specific to the way you and your family live. All of the features – from the doorknobs and countertops to the type of heating and arrangement of rooms – are up to you. To know what to do, you must consider how you wish to use the space.  The questions and suggestions in this section should help you make your architectural program.

— Determine the size your home should be

  • Are there any restrictions on the possible size of your home?
  • How many stories do you want your home to be?
  • What rooms do you need?

— What aspects of your lifestyle do you want to be built into your home?

— Consider the type of layout you want

— What structural features do you want in each room?

— Determine your design and style preferences

— Are there any special features you want to be included? (fireplaces, heated floors, etc.)

— Green design? Read more at Home Builder Digest…

There are unique ways to achieve the additional space you desire. However, you can’t afford to go wrong on the overall design.

Oz custom home builders Fort Mill, SC

For instance, you can capitalize on the design of the ceilings and basements. How to do this? Find out in the following post:

A deep pour basement

One of the biggest advantages of building a new home is getting to modify the tiny details that can have a major impact. Case in point: the height of your basement ceilings. Whether you’re having your basement finished or not, adding a foot of extra height through a deep pour foundation can make the space feel significantly more open and inviting. Just make sure that you arrange for this feature before your build even starts, since your builder will have to account for it from day one.

Higher ceilings

Speaking of opening up your space, it’s almost always going to be worth splurging for those taller ceilings. There’s quite a difference in look and feel between 6’ ceilings and 8’ and taller ceilings, with the latter option making quite an addition not just in the literal amount of space your home has but in how luxurious it appears. It will also allow you to get a little bit more dramatic when it comes to finishing touches like fixtures and wall art. Read more at…

Ultimately, it is the small details of your home that build-up to the final outlook. So, starting on the right foundation is non-negotiable.

Oz custom home builders Fort Mill, SC

How do you ensure you start well? This is the million-dollar question. It has a lot to do with the custom builder you choose to work with. The following guideline should assist you in your selection process.

Questions to Ask Your New Home Builder

  1. How many years have you been in business, and how many homes have you built? Are licensed (where required) and insured?

  2. What sort of new home warranty do you offer?

  3. Do you only build from existing floorplans, or can I provide my own set of plans?

  4. What features are standard in the homes you build? What are the upgrade options?

  5. When and how can I make changes or upgrades throughout the building process? Do all decisions need to be finalized before construction begins? Read more at New Home Source…

You can always get a few recommendations of trustworthy builders from your family members and friends. Additionally, online testimonials on potential builders’ websites can help you choose the best.

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