Tired of buying and selling and moving homes in hopes that maybe this time you will land your dream house? Are you looking for the place that suits your family’s needs perfectly. A home where everything is laid out exactly like you want it, with plenty of common areas and all of the storage space you require? You might find that nothing fits the bill — but there’s a solution to your dilemma. Stop trying to find the ideal pre-existing home and simply build one that is everything you seek. Here are five reasons you should build your next home.

Let your inner designer shine

You have probably lived in or visited enough houses to know by now what you like and what you don’t. There is no better way to get all of your household wishes under one roof than to custom design your space. Imagine having countertops and cupboards at your height instead of the “standard.” Maximize your storage and your serene surroundings by situating your home exactly how you desire.

Storage and simplicity

A clean and uncluttered home is simply better for your health and your peace of mind. Starting from the ground up enables you to incorporate extra storage and simplify your life. Create a space for everything by really considering your needs. Remember, extra storage will only ever increase the value of your home. Consider hidden staircase storage under the risers or kitchen nooks and window seats that open up. Floor to ceiling built in shoe racks in every closet will dramatically save time and your sanity.

Situated in the sun…or not

Evaluating the direction of your house plans with your property ahead of time can drastically influence your future heating and cooling costs. Are you a sun lover who envisions a perimeter garden? Do you crank the air conditioning all summer because of the extreme heat? Besides taking your views into consideration, carefully look at which portions of the house will experience the most sun and shade so that you can plan accordingly. You may be adding a covered deck in the future that you never planned or planting some fast growing trees closer than originally thought due to poor directional planning.

Honor your lifestyle

Building your home offers you extreme flexibility. Would you like to incorporate an income generating rental suite? Do you need a mother-in-law basement suite for long-term visits from family and friends? Perhaps you have teenagers that will be transitioning and incorporating a bonus apartment or loft above the garage might be preferred? Many people are inviting their elderly parents to live back at home and this is much more comfortable with some well-planned personal space incorporated.

Outdoor living space is equally vital

Do you drive to the local rec center to swim each week? Why not plan your own backyard pool? Perhaps you live outdoors as much as inside and wish for more exterior living space. Transform your deck into an outdoor kitchen by sharing these ideas and goals with your contractor. Building a home that you love to live in is truly magical.

Creating your personal palace doesn’t have to be difficult. Work with a custom builder who has a great reputation for delivering dream homes. Gather input from each family member to see what would constitutes their perfect space. Start a scrapbook or take pics on your phone of different architectural and interior elements your desire. Include landscaping and layout to communicate your overall vision clearly.

When you’re ready, contact Oz Custom Home Builders to ensure that you’re working with the best. We have been constructing dream homes for nearly two decades. We are ready to start the process of creating your perfect residence. To learn more about our home construction services, call us today at 803-242-0050 or use the “Email Us” link on this page. We look forward to hearing from you.