Building a custom home in today’s world means you have an endless array of options to make your home more comfortable and appealing — and uniquely yours. In fact, you can end up overwhelmed by the possibilities if you don’t have a solid plan. One aspect of your home’s décor that you should put some thought into is the use of wallpaper.

Gone are the days when you would choose just one design for all your rooms. If you have children, teenagers or seniors living with you, you can have wallpapers that suit each of their preferences in their respective rooms. You can also utilize wallpaper for the common rooms in your house.

One of the surfaces you might not think to decorate with wallpaper is the ceiling. But, you should definitely consider it when you’re looking for a dramatic design. The following post explains how you can use wallpaper in various rooms of your room:

Best Wallpaper for Bathrooms

Jenny Wolf Interiors based in New York gave this white bathroom some star power with a ceiling covered in Coronata Star wallpaper by Osborne and Little. The best wallpaper for wet spaces should be highly water resistant.

Interstellar Wallpaper on the Ceiling

When the charming duo behind Mr. Kate purchased their first home, the first order of business was fixing up the old dining room.

They consider their new dining room ceiling a chic work of art thanks to an interstellar wallpaper pattern by Calico called Lunaris II. Moonscape photography by NASA inspired the wallpaper’s out this world design. Check out the images at The Spruce…

One of the best things about wallpaper is the fact that it’s not permanent. It can be changed as often as you like, even seasonally. This gives tremendous flexibility to your decorating decisions.

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Another place where you will definitely appreciate wallpaper is the bedroom, which you can personalize in creative ways, as the following post describes:

4 Simple Ways To Use Wallpaper In A Bedroom To Create A Fresh Look

Lots of people have tried to use wallpaper in a bedroom, but only a few know how to utilize this material to its fullest potential. Wallpaper shouldn’t just be thrown up as a way to do away with blank walls. Rather, it should be a major player in the design of the room as a whole.

To that end, we’ve brought you four fresh and simple ways to use wallpaper in a bedroom. Look them over to see which suggestions will work best in your bedroom’s design. With any luck, the wallpaper may just become your favorite feature of the whole room. Read more at Freshome…

Make your bedroom a place you look forward to retiring to every night. Great wallpaper will contribute to an ambiance that helps you to rest better.

Finally, we come to the heart of the home — the kitchen. You’ll spend plenty of time in here and every party will inevitably end up here as well. Ensure that you and your guests enjoy being in the space. Check out the following post for details:

11 Insanely Fun Ways To Wallpaper Your Kitchen

If you think wallpaper + kitchens don’t really go together, you definitely haven’t seen any of the rooms on this list. Whether you keep it confined to your backsplash, bar, or breakfast nook, or go all out and cover every single wall, wallpaper is a super cost-effective way to add a ton of bold color and pattern to your kitchen. We’ve rounded up some inspiration to get your creativity flowing.

  1. Behind Your Bar

Make your home bar feel even more luxe with a bold colored wallpaper behind it. This blue palm print makes us feel like we’re on a tropical vacation. Check out the images at House Beautiful…

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Oz custom home builders Fort Mill, SC

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