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The ability to build the home you have always wanted is no small achievement. As is the case with every major opportunity that comes your way, you need to take full advantage of it. Too often people build their dream homes without putting enough thought of the future into them. Five or ten years down the line, they wish they had done things differently.

The best way to avoid this is to consider some key future needs now. For instance, how long are you planning to live in the new home? Into your senior years? As you approach retirement, there are additional needs that may come up. Here’s how to ensure that your custom home will continue to be your dream home:

What to Look for in a House if You Plan to Age in Place

Hunting for a house that will work for you now and allow you to stay safely and comfortably in your home as you grow older is no easy feat. If you’re looking to age in place, consider putting these 10 things on your home buying wish list to ensure you can happily stay in your home for many years to come.

  1. Covered, zero-step entry. A well-lighted, step-free approach to the house is essential to allow access for wheelchairs and walkers. Also, look for an entry that is sheltered from the elements and has room for seating both outside and inside the door, for resting or setting down bags.

Bonus: Lever door handles. Lever handles are easier to use than knobs, so if the house already has these installed, it’s a plus. If not, this is a fairly inexpensive change to make, so it doesn’t need to be a deal-breaker. Read more at Houzz…

Taking some of these factors into consideration will help you build a home that will meet your needs now and in the future.

oz custom home builders fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

Another way of ensuring you make the most of your home is by allowing for a lot of flexibility. You may not know what you’ll need in the next ten years, but if your home allows for lots of change with minimal interruption, you’re good to go. Here’s how you can do this:

8 of today’s must-have home features

No one likes to think that they might not get everything they desire in their custom home. The whole point of working with a custom home builder is, after all, to build your dream home, right?

That is true. But, we’ve seen customers get hung up on a particular feature or home asset as a must-have, and oftentimes this can put blinders on a homebuyer. They only see what they want, as opposed to the other ways in which they could accomplish their goals, or things that might be better for their future needs. That’s why we prefer to work closely with our families, to determine their personal value list, and to create a home that doesn’t just work in the moment, but will work for the long haul! Read more at Wayne Homes…

Multi-functionality in your home is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Your home will meet your needs if you choose to make it multi-functional.

oz custom home builders fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

Have you ever thought that you could grow with your home? By that, we mean incorporating your new ideas into your home so that it changes with you. The following post explains how one man’s home basically tells the story of its owner’s life:

Architect Turns Old Cement Factory Into His Home, And The Interior Will Take Your Breath Away

When Ricardo Bofill stumbled upon a dilapidated cement factory in 1973, he immediately saw a world of possibilities. La fábrica was born, and almost 45 years later, the structure has been completely transformed into a spectacular and unique home.

The factory, located just outside of Barcelona, was a WWI-era pollution machine that had closed down, and came with many repairs to be done when Ricardo Bofill and his team purchased it. After years of partial deconstruction, the determined architect proceeded to lace the exterior of the property with vegetation, and furnish the interior as a modern living and work space. Read more at Bored Panda…

oz custom home builders fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

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