Many people think of a custom home as an expensive luxury so they put off building their dream home for years. In reality, this is the exact opposite way of looking at it. A custom home can and should be designed to meet your family’s unique needs for space, accessibility, recreation and more. It serves a real, quality of life purpose.

For instance, if you have a member of your family living with a disability, a custom home allows you to build in the facilities needed to ensure he or she doesn’t have to struggle with unnecessary difficulties.

The following post relates how a custom-built home has made a huge difference in the life of a wounded Marine. His home allows him to live a fairly normal life, thanks to its features that were tailor-made for his circumstances.

Md. Marine injured in Afghanistan gets custom-designed ‘Smart Home’

A U.S. Marine injured while serving in Afghanistan was welcomed home to a brand-new place Tuesday—a very high-tech smart home.

In 2012, Lance Corporal Thomas Caleb Getscher lost both legs and an arm in an IED explosion. His family’s new custom-built home is designed to help him get back to living a more normal life. It meets all his needs—with features he can run using an iPad! Features in the home include motorized doors, music that can be played on command throughout the house, temperature and lighting controls, and fully automated toilets.

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation presented Getscher, his wife and their daughter with the keys to their new house in Leonardtown, Md. Kids from Benjamin Banneker Elementary School were even there to wave flags and give them a true hero’s welcome. Read more at Fox5DC…

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You can take advantage of technological advancements to include features in your home that make life more comfortable for you and your loved ones. For instance, if you have allergies, your custom home can help manage your condition. Technology designed to filter allergens can be built into the house, increasing the quality of your daily living.

A custom build makes it easy to stamp your individuality onto your home from the ground up. For example, the homeowner featured in the article below built a custom residence that allowed her to live out a childhood dream.

A Lifetime Love of Barns Inspires a New Custom Home

Thanks to a wonderful team effort, including an incredible client, the first Silent Rivers new custom home is complete and ready to reveal! We had been looking for the perfect opportunity to design and build a house from scratch. When our client Laura came to us requesting a barn-style home, we knew we’d found our perfect match. Designing a main living area on the upper level to overlook the beautiful piece of land our client owned south of Des Moines, we collaborated with her to bring her childhood fascination with barns to life in the industrial farmhouse style she was envisioning. Read more at Silent Rivers…

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Another key benefit of designing a custom home, particularly for middle-aged owners who plan to remain in the residence through their golden years, is the opportunity to build in amenities that make life easier as we grow older. Read on for more on this:

When I meet with new clients in my office, I’ll first ask if they have any special requests for accommodations. Most don’t. But even if they don’t, I’ll press them: “Is this the home you want to retire and grow old in?” “Is there any chance your mother-in-law will move in with you as she ages?” “How about when Grandpa comes for a visit?” Pushing gently in this direction usually elicits a response such as “Oh, that’s a good point. We hadn’t thought about that. My mom has started to use a walker since she turned 80…”

The goal in this line of questioning is not to find ways to outfit a home with unnecessary and expensive modifications; it’s to consider the bigger picture and prevent any obstacles to the family enjoying and staying in their new custom home as long as they wish. No matter how much they love their two-story home with the beautiful master bedroom on the top floor now, it could become a burden instead of a blessing if there’s any chance one of them will need a wheelchair in a few years. Read more at Builder Online…

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So, there you have it. Building a custom home honestly can make life happier, more manageable and more fulfilling for you and your loved ones. If you’re ready to speak with a custom builder that can deliver the home of your dreams, contact Oz Custom Home Builders.

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