oz custom home builders fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserveWaking up to a bright and sunny morning starts the day on a high note. There’s just something about the light from the sun that just makes us feel good. Even better, is waking up to a perfect, sunny morning in your luxury dream house from Oz Custom Home Builders.

At Oz, we appreciate the importance of natural light and it shows in the homes we build. Sunlight offers numerous benefits you don’t want to miss out on, as described in the following post:

Let In The Light: 5 Major Benefits Of Letting Natural Sunlight Into Your Home

Everyone knows natural light makes life a little brighter, but did you know there are multiple benefits to letting more light into your home? It can really help cheer you up when you are feeling down, but it can also do a lot more than that! Here are just a few more reasons why you should have more natural light in your home.


There’s truly nothing that compares to natural sunlight for lending elegance and grace to any occasion. Furnishings and art work become showpieces, walls get brighter, and faces bask with a healthy glow when natural sunlight works its wonders in the home. Read more at Product Review Mom…

You can’t really compare natural sunlight with any other form of energy. Additionally, you can utilize as much as you want since it is a free resource.

oz custom home builders fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

What are some of the ways you can ensure your home takes in as much natural sunlight as possible? Find out how in this article:

5 free ways to enhance natural light in your home

Few things can change the look and feel or appearance of colours and space in your home quite like natural light. Those blessed rays of vitamin D not only improve our mood by lowering blood pressure and stress hormone cortisol in our bodies, but they can dramatically change a rooms aesthetic as well as helping make small spaces look bigger. Didn’t sign up for living in a cave? Here are some cost-effective ways to let the light into your home.

Trim bushes and trees

Firstly, natural light needs to be able to access your home. If you have bushes and trees near windows,  keep them well-maintained so they’re not blocking out the sun completely. Read more at Inside Out…

As you design your custom home, you will do well to carefully consider the position of the trees in your yard, taking into account the direction the sun faces in summer. This way, you will have strategic shade that still allows some of the sunlight in.

oz custom home builders fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

There are unique designs you can borrow for a sunlight-maximizing home. Here is one of them:

Teak Screens Provide Privacy, Natural Light, And Ventilation In This Home

This home in Singapore, located in front of a bus-stop at a junction of a minor road and a busy main road, definitely stands out from the crowd with its concrete and teak screen form.

The home, designed by Aamer Architects, combines raw off-form concrete and crafted solid teak screens from Bali, to create a unique look.

By using the teak screens on the home, they help to protect the home from the harsh urban environment without compromising on views, natural light and ventilation. Read more at Contemporist…

Getting the ideal design for your custom home can be a challenge, especially today, when there are so many ideas out there. You need a skilled custom-home builder who will listen to your ideas and transform them into reality.

oz custom home builders fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

Oz Custom Home Builders has an impeccable reputation and a catalog of satisfied families that prove our abilities. We can build your dream home on your land or in Trinity Ridge or Trinity Ridge Reserve, our newest luxury neighborhoods in Fort Mill. Contact us to discuss a plan for building your home or get additional information about the process. Call us at 803-242-0050 or use the “Email Us” link on our website to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.