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The most interesting aspect of designing a custom home is that you can never run out of ideas. You get to dream all you want and, with the right team, see those dreams come true. You can even combine your childhood and adult dreams and make the two come together in your new home. This post will help you see that you can have whatever you desire when you work with expert custom builders.

If you love country life and would do anything to have the ideal country-home with a touch of class, you are not alone. The following post tells of a 1938 home, which is still as amazing as it was when it was built:

Whimsical By Design: Charles Dilbeck’s 1938 ranch house still exudes luxury, comfort

Charles Dilbeck was a romantic architect whose copious output over a 60-year career encompassing the mid-1900s is still dotted across North Texas. His homes are considered eclectic gems, and one of his more remarkable structures is in Westlake in north Tarrant County. It is an elaborately imagined ranch house built in 1938 for a publisher of The Dallas Morning News, Ted Dealey. For the past 40 years, Scott and Kelly Bradley have owned it.

Like many Dilbeck devotees, the Bradleys have spent a fortune on their home — updating the kitchen and bathrooms, expanding the tiny closets, adding a master bedroom wing and guest house. In doing so, they doubled the square footage. Read more at Star Telegram…

It is possible to have your custom home designed in such a way that it maintains its beauty and luxury well into the future. That way, even your kids and grandkids can enjoy the home as much as you will.

oz custom home builders fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

Have you ever thought of making the design of your custom home a family affair? You can bring your ideas together as a family and get the most from everyone’s exposure. Well, this father and son did just that, and came up with this unique custom built home:

Beach bungalow custom-built by father-and-son contractor team: Home of the Week

Family had spent time at a cottage, or lived, on Rice Lake since the mid-1960s and wanted a property that had stunning sunsets and great views.

Backing onto Rice Lake with 200 feet of beach shoreline, this sprawling bungalow was designed and built by a father-and-son contractor team.

“Our family has spent time at a cottage, or lived, on Rice Lake since the mid-1960s. And since we’ve been in the construction business for generations, we decided to build our custom home on one of the most prestigious lots on the south shore of Rice Lake,” says homeowner Joe Listro, the senior partner of the contracting team.

“We wanted to create a unique home for the area, one that was grand in design and offered more than the typical custom-built home, with neither a rustic nor a cottage look about it…Read more at The Star…

You can be sure that designing a home together with your loved ones will make for precious bonding time – and sweet memories too.

oz custom home builders fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

You could also put a new twist to your home’s design and flow against the tide. You don’t have to do everything like everyone else does. The following post describes a new trend – micro mansions:

Will Micro Mansions Really Take Over The Luxury Real Estate Market? This Home Designer Thinks So

Frank McKinney eschews the terms typically used to describe someone in his line of work: builder, designer, developer. The way he sees it, he’s a real estate artist. And his canvas is Florida’s Gold Coast.

McKinney works in only one medium: luxury homes with commensurately high price tags…. Now he’s reinventing his brand, challenging the bigger-is-better movement that has been his mentality for the past 35 years….

“The micro mansion is the newest concept in ultra-high end homes, and I’m the first one to tap into it here,” McKinney says. He knows he’s treading in market-making territory, and he knows it’s a risky place to be. Luckily, McKinney insists his risk tolerance is strong. “I flex it like a muscle,” he says, laughing. Read more at Jupiter Magazine…

oz custom home builders fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

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