When you’re in the planning stage for building your custom home, you will want to consider the various ways you can make it more appealing and comfortable. One simple method is to invest in quality carpets and rugs. They have the ability to make your home cozier and inviting. Moreover, there are other benefits you’re bound to enjoy when you have the right floor coverings, as we’ll see in this post.

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As you start off, it’s best to have an overview of the decisions you’ll be expected to make. The following post sets a good foundation as your explore your floor covering options:

A Guide To Choosing Amazing Carpeting For Your Home

Carpeting can enliven your home as few other changes in decor can. But, with so many different carpet materials and colors to choose from, and so many places to purchase it from, choosing the right carpet can be a daunting task. This is especially true if you’re busy working outside the home in addition to taking care of your family. Thankfully, the challenge can be made easier by breaking down the various factors involved in choosing and purchasing new carpeting into three specific areas:

  • Choosing a carpet type
  • Choosing a carpet color
  • Choosing a place to purchase carpet… Read more at Carpet To Go…

Each aspect of the carpets and area rugs you intend to buy will have an effect on the interior design of your home. For that reason, you need to bear in mind how the rest of your home will blend with it.

oz custom home builders luxury house construction fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

If you already have carpets you can use, and are wondering why you should buy new ones, the following post offers some benefits you’ll enjoy when you go for new carpets for your home:

When choosing your new carpet, there are several other benefits aside from the new home smell. Today we explore six reasons to replace your carpet now.

  1. Indoor Air Quality

Carpet traps dust and particulates that when left on hard surfaces and in the air that cause allergies and respiratory problems. Carpet acts as an air filter and when cleaned with a quality vacuum cleaner continues to help filter the air in the home. The newer and denser the carpet fibers, the better it acts to aid in filtering the air.  Read more at Shop The Boss…

Apart from a new look, replacing your carpets could actually improve your health. If not for any other reason, a change is always as good as a rest.

oz custom home builders luxury house construction fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

You can have both carpets and rugs in your custom built home, depending on the spaces you intend to beautify or add some luxury too. Discover how to decide what goes where in the following post:

How To Choose The Right Type Of Area Rug Or Carpet

As early as the days of cavemen, when they hunted animals and used their skins for clothing and housing, they have also used rugs for shelter and warmth. Fast forward to today—we use rugs and carpets to give our home a more luxurious touch.

How are these two different? The terms “rug” and “carpet” are often interchangeable, except that carpets normally refer to larger pieces, while rugs cover smaller areas. It brings into unity all the details in terms of furnishings and accessories. If a rug successfully harmonizes with the rest of the space, it provides a unique cohesiveness that ties all the elements of the room together. It’s also a good way of delineating spaces without the need for walls or partitions. Read more at Real Living…

oz custom home builders luxury house construction fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

As you enhance the quality of your custom-built home, always be sure to work with an expert custom builder who will bring out the best in your home. Experience is always a good determinant when selecting custom builders to work with.

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