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Housing is one of the most basic needs of any human being and is something you cannot forego. That being the case, it is often easy to settle for something that gives you the basics of shelter, especially with the demands on your wallet.

However, a rock-bottom cost shouldn’t be the overall deciding factor about your home. The housing industry is now boasting many new developments in custom-made homes that bear your consideration. There are so many outstanding options for you to explore when you’re considering a custom-built home. Of course, the first step is to have an architectural design in place. Check out the following article for more:

Introducing the BUILD Case Study House 2016

If you follow BUILD on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve had a sneak peek at some fresh images of our latest project. We haven’t written much about it yet, and today’s post will take a deeper dive into our Case Study House 2016 design along with what we’re learning from the Case Study House series. We’ll also review some of the new challenges and opportunities of designing and building cost-effective modernism in the city.

As another BUILD family grows up, it’s time to move on from the Park Modern multi-family development, and into a single family home. The move also provides an opportunity for multi-generational living with an accessory dwelling unit, which we’ll cover in greater detail on a future post. Read full post at Build LLC…

oz custom home builder fort mill sc trinity ridge reserve

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The great thing about the design above is that it takes into consideration multiple factors that affect the comfort and livability your home. Now, what about the efficiency and environmental impact of your custom home? Let’s take a look at that as well. Read the following post to learn more:

North Carolina Home with the Ultimate Environmentalist Cred

This comfortable and stylish family home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina received major environmentalist cred recently by going net positive. Architect Arielle Condoret Schechter said that the home was producing $22 more energy per month than it consumed at the time of her report on the project.

Kevin Murphy both owns this home and runs the construction company that built it. He offered some additional details about net positive family life, including their ability to eat food grown or raised on the property’s 4.3 acres of land. They hope to buy an electric car to round out their healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Read more at Freshome…

oz custom home builder fort mill sc trinity ridge reserve

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Having an environmentally friendly home is something worth considering, especially since you can financially benefit from the energy you save. Another aspect of your custom-built home to determine is the interior design and aesthetics. Here you have a world of possibilities. The following article discusses some ideas:

This Gallery-Like Home Reflects A Different Art Style In Every Room

Haven’t most art enthusiasts dreamed of having a gallery of their own? This home makes those desires a reality. Every room represents a specific artistic movement by emulating the colors and forms, each one unique. Many of the styles adopted here are relatively modern, ranging from the Romanticism of the early 1800s to the Pop Art craze of the 1960s – can you guess which ones are which without reading the descriptions? This exceptionally creative interior is the work of designer Alina Puzhak, completed for a young family’s apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia. Read more at Home-Designing…

oz custom home builder fort mill sc trinity ridge reserve

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If you dream of owning a home in the exact design you want, but are daunted by the overwhelming scope of the project and the innumerable decisions that are required, you can rest easy. Working with the right custom-home builder will make the process simpler than you ever thought possible.

Oz Custom Home Builders are ready to walk you through the journey step-by-step to your dream home. Contact us to talk about your vision for the perfect custom home and we’ll take it from there. Call 803-242-0050 or use the “Email Us” link on this page to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.