Building your own home gives you endless opportunities to design it expressly to your taste. It may take a while to finish every intricate detail, but you will enjoy the fruits of your efforts for many years to come.

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From the counter-tops in the kitchen to the flooring in the living room, you get to choose the style that reflects who you are. The following post discusses some of the reasons why a custom home is good for you:

Benefits of Custom-Built Homes

Custom built homes are ones that you design and have built to your specifications and needs. For some, buying an already existing home is fine because it suits their needs. Others want to add their own special touches so they choose a home that is custom built. There are a number of benefits to custom built homes.

• The home can be completely personalized, which is why many choose this type of home. The buyer can have a say in every phase of the building process, so they can have a tailor-made home. You get to choose the layout of the rooms, the sizes of the rooms, how many bathrooms, and bedrooms you need, color of wall paint, countertops, appliances, and more. Read more at Geney Today…

You get the chance to add personality to your home through your decor choices. One of the simplest ways you can add elegance to your home is to select the right paint color for each room.

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You can go for either bold colors or soft colors, depending on the room and your preference. The following post describes the process of choosing the right paint color:

How To Choose A Paint Color

Paint is a very versatile element in interior designing. There are thousands of colors available; thus, it is not surprising for homeowners to feel confused and overwhelmed. It is advisable to first choose the colors for your home furniture and accents, such as your carpets, window treatments, and other fabrics before you start choosing from the myriad of paint colors. This way, you can find the right shade that will best suit the other elements of your room.

Eliminate The Colors You Don’t Like: Instead of choosing the color you like, try focusing on what you don’t like about a particular color. This will make it easier for you. Once you have finished the elimination process, you can choose one or two paint chips so that you will have an easier time in making the decision. Doing so will also help you consider other shades which you won’t normally choose. Read more at Wireless Certification…

Keeping an open mind will help you get the best combination of paint colors for your home. You may need to try out several samples until you find the colors that work best for you.

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It is important for the paint colors you choose to match well with your furniture, as expressed in the following post:

For many people, the furnishings they already own (or intend to buy) will inform their choice of paint color—as there are only so many sofa colors in the world but quite a lot of paint chips to accommodate them. If you’re starting from scratch and need some direction, however, take AD100 designer Miles Redd’s advice: “Ask yourself what your favorite color is, and if you don’t know, look in your closet and see for yourself.”

“Once you have determined the general direction, pick a few you like,” Redd says—this being the point at which you should go to those crazy-colorful paint chip aisles and settle on a number of buckets from various brands in the general vicinity of what you’re looking for. More is often better here; designer Casey Kenyon started with eight samples when trying to find the perfect “putty” color for his walls, and says it was well worth the cost of getting that many tins. “To choose the right color is about narrowing it down,” he says, “Sample and resample and resample.” Read more at Architectural Digest…

Picking the right paint color for your custom-built home is an exciting journey that will require some time and patience from you.

oz custom home builders fort mill sc lake wylie trinity ridge reserve

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