Some people don’t pay much heed to the floors under their feet. From their perspective, much of it’s covered by furniture, carpets or rugs anyway. But even if it’s true, your custom-built home’s flooring needs your attention. The type, color, and texture of your floor contribute a great deal to the character of the place you call home. For that reason, you need to be deliberate about your choice of flooring.

Perhaps the first thing you need to explore is how to choose the flooring material for your custom-built home. Are there some specific considerations to be made? The answer is yes, according to the following post:

The Best Flooring Is Based on Your Unique Situation

When you’re in the market for upgrading your flooring, it becomes almost impossible to figure out the best flooring for your house.

And just what does ​the best flooring mean anyway? That depends on several factors, all of which are applicable to your own situation.

Before we proceed with our best flooring overview, ask yourself:

Budget – What is in your budget? If you cannot spend more than $1,000 on a kitchen floor, then granite, solid hardwood, and engineered wood are not options.

Location – Where is the floor being installed? Will the flooring be in a wet location, semi-wet, dry, high-traffic, etc? How will the selected flooring hold up in these areas? Read more at The Spruce…

In essence, whatever your choice, you must appreciate that different parts of the home have different uses. As such, the floor type should be suitable for the use of the room.

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The next thing you need to know is the types of floor materials you can install in your custom built home. The following post describes them in detail:

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

It’s hard to go wrong with attractive tile flooring. Tile has long been the best option for bathrooms, but home buyers also love it in everyday dining areas, kitchens, hallways, entryways, mudrooms, and laundry rooms.

In terms of color and overall style options, tile is by far the most versatile flooring material available. There’s everything from tiny mosaics to large format floor tiles to “wood look” tile that blends the look of hardwood with the durability of ceramic.

Porcelain and glazed ceramic tile are the most durable flooring options, and they require very little maintenance. Grout on floor tiles should be sealed periodically to prevent staining. Read more at The Balance Small Business…

You are spoilt for choice and you can be as creative as you like with the available options. After all, it is your custom-built home, isn’t it?

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Finally, with every decision, there’s an upside and a disadvantage. The following post outlines the pros and cons of some of the popular flooring options available:

Pros: Ceramic tiles are highly durable and you can choose from numerous designs and colors. Furthermore, they are perfect for homes with children or pets because they don’t get scratched easily. The tiles can be placed in high-traffic areas and they won’t show wear and tear. Ceramic tiles are also easy to clean and are highly resistant to germs.

Cons: Ceramic tiles can suffer damage from exposure to sunlight and the pattern tends to fade over time. They are also slippery and children and the elderly must be careful when walking on ceramic tiles, especially with socks. Read more at…

Oz custom home builders Fort Mill, SC

As you think through the decision you are about to make for your custom-built home, it makes a huge difference to get expert advice. The professionals at Oz Custom Home Builders are happy to offer their advice as you make decisions for your new home.

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